Internal Call

Internal candidates i.e. candidates from the two universities which are affiliated to the CoQuS programme, the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, are invited to put forward their application to the CoQuS programme until 4 December 2016.

Please note that we only accept applications from students who have not yet started their PhD studies OR who are within their first 6 months of PhD studies. The cut-off date is the application deadline. Furthermore, you will only be allowed to apply once within your first 6 months of PhD studies.

Admission procedure


Spring 2017Opening of CoQuS call

Summer 2017

Closure of CoQuS call

October 2017

Information on pre-selection

September 2017

Hearing in Vienna

Submission of application

1st step in the application procedure

Applicants are requested to provide their application documents via the online submission system and inform their academic advisors about the submission guidlines concerning the recommendation procedure.

To be submitted by the applicant:

  • Online application

It is the applicants' responsibility to inform their academic advisors about the deadlines and submission procedure of the recommendation form and letter. The academic advisors should submit their recommendation form and letter to be found via the link below no later than ...(tbd) 2017!

At least one of the academic advisors providing recommendations must be an external advisor. 

To be submitted by 2 academic advisors:

  • Online recommendation form

Please notice the CoQuS application deadline for this call: tbd.
All applicants will be notified of the decision of the pre-selection committee in January 2017.

2nd step in the application procedure

Short-listed candidates will be invited to a one-day hearing taking place ín Vienna in February 2017. The applicants will be asked to give short presentations and will be interviewed by the selection committee. The applicants will also have the opportunity to visit the CoQuS laboratories.
The short-listed applicants will be notified of the final decision of the selection committee shortly after the hearing.

The official start of the CoQuS affiliation is set for autumn 2017.

More detailed information on the CoQuS Call for external applications.