CoQuS Open Call PhD Fellowships


Become part of the Vienna Quantum research community - CoQuS!

Participate in our training opportunities and research which includes:

  • Foundations of quantum physics
  • Photonic quantum information processing
  • Quantum communication & quantum computing
  • Ultra-cold atoms & Bose-Einstein condensation
  • Solid state quantum optics 
  • Interferometry with clusters & molecules
  • Theory of highly correlated quantum systems
  • Micromechanical quantum physics
  • Cavity QED on microwave transmission lines
  • Quantum physics with vacancies in nanodiamonds
  • Atoms and molecules close to ultrathin fibers
  • Relativistic quantum information & metrology
  • Theory on Quantum Optics and Quantum Dynamics
  • Spectroscopy and quantum microscopy

Application deadline: 4th of December 2016 
Hearings: 27 and 28th of February 2017 
Start at the University: October 2017 

More information on the admission procedure and eligibility criteria can be found here.
Specific information on the CoQuS Call for external applications or more detailed information on the CoQuS Call for internal applications.
Click here to go to the application form and kindly inform your academic advisors to upload their recommendation via this link.