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[Aspelmeyer Group] Interconnecting different quantum systems is important for future quantum computing architectures, but has proven difficult to...


[Arndt Group] Ugur Sezer was accepted into the High-Potential program "NaturTalente" of the University of Vienna


[Arndt Group] Markus Arndts group and his research were part of the "Hyperraum TV" episode Quanten-Zauberei.


[Schmiedmayer Group] Another important step for quantum technology: scientists at TU Wien can now switch the state of nitrogen atoms, even if not all...


[Rauschenbeutel Group] The research group "Applied Quantum Physics" works with glass fibers having a diameter smaller than the wavelength of the...


[Zeilinger Group] Ein Team internationaler ForscherInnen demonstrierte mit einem Experiment in der Wiener Hofburg die Quantenverschränkung in bisher...

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