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At some point, complex systems return almost exactly to their initial state. For the first time, this recurrence theorem has now been demonstrated...


On Monday, 22 January 2018, Tarik Berrada (Wien Energie) will speak about "Energy economics at Wien Energie"


Whether there exists a reality to be described by science is one of the oldest question in philosophy of science. Are theoretical entities merely...


The prize for outstanding dissertation of the academic year 2016/17 goes to Jonas Schmöle!

11.12.2017 17:00

Pablo Debenedetti, professor at the Princeton University, will give a Vienna Physics Colloquium on Monday 11 December 2017.


On Monday, 4 Dezember 2017, Sebastian Huber (ETH Zurich) will speak about "A quantized quadrupole insulator in a mechanical metamaterial"

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