Congratulations to Marissa Giustina and Armin Hochrainer


[Zeilinger Group] The Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for Quantum Foundations for the year 2015 was awarded jointly to three publications by groups at the TU Delft (The Netherlands), the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST (USA) for simultaneously closing the locality and detection loopholes in Bell experiments, thereby corroborating quantum mechanics and ruling out theories that satisfy local causality.

The 2015 winners

The three winning papers are:


B. Hensen, H. Bernien, A. E. Dréau, A. Reiserer, N. Kalb, M. S. Blok, J. Ruitenberg, R. F. L. Vermeulen, R. N. Schouten, C. Abellán, W. Amaya, V. Pruneri, M. W. Mitchell, M. Markham, D. J. Twitchen, D. Elkouss, S. Wehner, T. H. Taminiau and R. Hanson, Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres, Nature 526, 682–686 (2015).


M. Giustina, M. A. M. Versteegh, S. Wengerowsky, J. Handsteiner, A. Hochrainer, K. Phelan, F. Steinlechner, J. Kofler, J.-Å. Larsson, C. Abellán, W. Amaya, V. Pruneri, M. W. Mitchell, J. Beyer, T. Gerrits, A. E. Lita, L. K. Shalm, S. W. Nam, T. Scheidl, R. Ursin, B. Wittmann and A. Zeilinger, Significant-Loophole-Free Test of Bell’s Theorem with Entangled Photons, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 250401 (2015).


L. K. Shalm, E. Meyer-Scott, B. G. Christensen, P. Bierhorst, M. A. Wayne, M. J. Stevens, T. Gerrits, S. Glancy, D. R. Hamel, M. S. Allman, K. J. Coakley, S. D. Dyer, C. Hodge, A. E. Lita, V. B. Verma, C. Lambrocco, E. Tortorici, A. L. Migdall, Y. Zhang, D. R. Kumor, W. H. Farr, F. Marsili, M. D. Shaw, J. A. Stern, C. Abellán, W. Amaya, V. Pruneri, T. Jennewein, M. W. Mitchell, P. G. Kwiat, J. C. Bienfang, R. P. Mirin, E. Knill and S. W. Nam, Strong Loophole-Free Test of Local Realism, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 250402 (2015).


The award is intended for a single outstanding publication during the respective award year. However, regulations stipulate that “in exceptional cases, more than one publication may be chosen by the selection committee to receive the award.” And for this first award year, the committee has come to the decision that just such an exceptional case applies.


About the Award:


The selection procedure


The members of the selection committee of the Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for Quantum Foundations 2015 were:


Nicolas Gisin, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Rob Spekkens, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada

Aephraim Steinberg, University of Toronto, Canada

Caslav Brukner, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Alain Aspect, Institut d'Optique, France


The selection of the award-winning publications was achieved by a vote of those committee members who had no conflict of interest.


The award ceremony


The public award ceremony will take place in Vienna in late 2016. A representative author from each publication will present a public award lecture at this occasion. The exact dates will be coordinated with all three representative authors.