Vienna Summer School 2020 on Gravitational Quantum Physics

03.07.2020 00:00


Registration free and extended until 2nd August!

The event will be held online from 3rd-6th of September.

The summer school is aimed at young graduate students who want to get familiar with the current status and challenges in exploring the fascinating interface between quantum physics and gravity. The school will provide introductory lectures into the concepts of both general relativity and quantum theory, as well as into the theoretical framework of quantum field theories in and of curved space-time. The school will also provide an introduction to (classical and quantum) tests of gravity and their relevance for fundamental physics.

Confirmed lecturers:
Caslav Brukner
Georgi Dvali
Renate Loll
Eduardo Martin-Martinez
Guglielmo Tino
Robert Wald
Anton Zeilinger
Magdalena Zych

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