CoQuS Colloquium Winter 2014/2015

Location:    Universität Wien

                   Ernst Mach Lecture Hall
                   Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Wien

(The location of the Vienna Physics Colloquia may vary and will be announced separately.)

Time:        The CoQuS student talks commence at 17:00.

                 The CoQuS guest talks start at 17:30.


The Colloquia was organized by Peter Rabl & Philip Walther

The Student presentations were organized by Bernhard Rauer


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Student‘s Presentation

Oct 6thPhilip Walther


to the quantum teaching program summer term 2014
(Location: Ernst Mach Hall, Boltzmanngasse 5, 2nd floor)


Oct 13th

Michael Rubinstein, University of North Carolina

Airway Surface Brush Sweeps Lungs Clean: Polymer Physics Helps Us Breathe Easier


Oct 20th

Ronnie Kosloff,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Dynamical View of Quantum Thermodynamics

Sandra Eibenberger

Oct 27th

Rob Spekkens, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

The invasion of physics by information theory


Thomas Milburn

Nov 3rd

Andrew Cleland, University of Chicago

Superconducting circuits for quantum computation and communication


David Grass

Nov 10th

Franz Pfeiffer,

TU München

Wave-optical X-ray Imaging for Biomedical Applications



Nov 17th

Christian Roos,

Universität Innsbruck

How to turn a string of trapped Ions into an interacting quantum many body System

Michael Scheucher

Nov 24th

Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

Universität Mainz

Modern Quantum Technology with trapped Ions


Stefan Kuhn

Dec 1st

Johannes Wilms,

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH München


CoQuS-Alumni-Talk Software development techniques for scientists



Dec 15th

Matthias Troyer,

ETH Zürich



Technische Universität Wien Freihaus

1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10

Hörsaal 5

Turm A (grüner Bereich), 2. Stock

Jan 19th

Markus Oberthaler, Universität Heidelberg

Quantum Metrology with Bose Einstein Condensates


Thomas Schweigler

Jan 26th

Dieter Meschede, Universität Bonn

Atoms walking in space and splashing in cavities


Philipp Köhler